Make the most of lockdown to get some answers!

Then when the UK gets moving again, you will know what to do.

Have you been considering a home renovation project and finally have some time to think about it?

Maybe you are more aware of necessary changes, after having spent more time at home recently!

More space

The kids/partner are at home and driving you nuts (even more than usual), just like at Christmas, you have realised that you REALLY NEED MORE SPACE!

Light and Views, still want to do the environmental bit?

Or maybe the lockdown has emphasised the lack of light or views (boy do we need those at the moment!). Maybe you want to make your home more energy efficient but have no idea how that is possible.

Lots of ideas, but what’s possible?

Or, you have lots of ideas but not sure if they are possible, how much they will cost, what planning restrictions might be and what might be the best route from an environmental point of view?

Love it or List it?

You might have been pondering for years whether to ‘love it or list it’ as Kirstie and Phil might say.

We can help you with that, and virtually.

You send us (or we can usually find online) estate agents plans of your house

  • You fill in a questionnaire to help you establish your priorities
  • We send you ballpark build costs for your project so you can compare with the cost of moving or your house value.
  • We will investigate any planning policy issues that might get in the way of your project, so you are fully prepared.
  • We will look at build-ability and give you feedback
  • We will discuss eco building options, environmental improvements and energy efficiency measures with you so you can start to formulate a plan.

Here’s how it works

All discussions can happen virtually or via the good old fashioned telephone!

Cost £180 (inc VAT).

Make use of the lockdown to get some answers! Then once the UK gets moving again, you will know what your next steps should be.

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