Party Wall Advice

Party Wall Advice includes

  • Acting as Building Owners’ Party Wall Surveyor
  • Acting as Adjoining Owners’ Party Wall Surveyor
  • Boundary Determination
  • Crane and Scaffold Oversail Licences
  • Schedules of Condition
  • Neighbourly Liaison
  • Dealing with hand over and snagging

Since the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. came into force, ROC haus have specialised in dealing with varied building projects across London and the South East where the Party Wall Act has been involved.

We have therefore become fully immersed in the nature of Party Wall Awards and their negotiations on behalf of Building Owners (people carrying out the work) and Adjoining Owners (neighbours to the proposed site where work is taking place).

The Building Owner is the person, people or company completing the proposed development works. It is your legal responsibility to serve Party Wall Notices, if necessary, on all affected Adjoining Owners to ensure that their interests are protected.

This should happen prior to works starting on site and with enough time ahead of the project starting to allow Party Wall Awards to be formed.

ROC haus can assist you by being your first port of call for any and all information that you need to consider when dealing with Party Wall matters. We can ensure that you are fully protected within the context of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, so that the works can start smoothly and without delay.

Are you
the Building

Considering the issues ahead of time, to save you time.

Comprehensively assessing any Party Wall works to be completed and offering advice and recommendations to ensure the Party Wall process is smooth as possible for you.

Are you
the Adjoining

The Adjoining Owner should expect to receive Party Wall Notices before development works begin. Once received, you have the right to appoint a Surveyor to protect your interests. ROC haus Chartered Surveyors can be your trusted advisors.

Working regularly as the Adjoining Owner’s appointed Surveyor, we can provide a depth of up front knowledge about the process and what you can expect going forward. We can use years of construction experience to anticipate what the impact of the Building Owner’s proposed works will be. Importantly, we can protect your interests giving you comfort and peace of mind.

Please give the ROC haus office a call to discuss your potential project today.

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